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Children should be encouraged to look after their teeth since day one!
Healthy teeth play an important role in your child’s development as they’re responsible for chewing and nutrition, speech and overall wellbeing.

You should…

Encourage your child to eat foods that contain calcium such as milk and cheese as it helps build strong teeth.

If your child isn’t fond of tooth brushing, try to come up with a fun activity that will make brushing more interesting! Create a little game or a song to sing, be as creative as you can!

Prevent food decay!
Teaching your children from early years the importance of healthy eating and avoiding sugary food and drinks will help prevent tooth decay in a long run, both in their childhood and adulthood!

Important! Just because a food label states ‘No added sugar’ doesn’t mean it’s sugar free!

What to do before first visit?

A lot of children are scared of a dental visit and often stays with them in the adulthood which may result in unnecessary stress and anxiety before each appointment.
One way to reduce this stress is to openly talk about it with your children and ensure that seeing your dentist is pleasant and will leave their teeth better than before!

Remember that your positive attitude has a huge impact on your child’s first visit.

We will make sure that every small patient gets a warm welcome and is carefully looked after.
Leave explanations to us, we love doing it! Our surgeons are going to explain to your little one every procedure in detail so they know what to expect. On top of that, we’ll be more than happy to teach your child positive attitude about dental health and give tips on how to maintain a healthy smile!

In case of a fall or an injury, please contact us immediately to get their mouth and teeth checked. Broken, knocked out, loosened or pushed up baby teeth into the gum may cause damage to developing adult teeth.

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