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When you think of tooth extraction you might think of wisdom teeth as these are regularly removed by both teenagers and adults. In some cases, this procedure can be mandatory in adulthood. Other reasons for tooth extraction are tooth decay, tooth infection or making room for other teeth if you’re getting braces. In rare cases extractions are also performed on children, whose baby teeth didn’t fall out in time for permanent teeth to come out.


A common form of tooth decay are cavities. They occur when foods containing carbohydrates get trapped between teeth and are fully removed while brushing and flossing. From there acidic byproducts create plaque which later dissolves tooth enamel.The easiest way to to fix this is by getting fillings.
Fillings are used for a number of reasons, not only cavities! For example, you might consider getting one if you experience an accidental damage.


Braces are commonly known to straighten children and teen’s teeth but what if this isn’t the case anymore? Did you know there are a lot of adults who decide to get them nowadays? What are the benefits of getting braces in your adulthood? There’s many reasons why you should consider getting braces...


Children should be encouraged to look after their teeth since day one!
Healthy teeth play an important role in your child’s development as they’re responsible for chewing and nutrition, speech and overall wellbeing.


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